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Our aim as an independent consultant is to give you a neutral overview about the best matching solutions, customized to your specific needs. We are here to advise you in making the right choices, whether in corporate structure, finance & banking, insurance, commercial or private real estate and other luxury investments. Furthermore, we offer you a first class service according to your individual needs & requirements.
- We guarantee your privacy, thus ensuring full confidentiality at all times –

Mentor Grubi

Mentor Grubi CEO Research  Team

Worldwide our Research teams observe the current developments in the Respective Markets and contribute with her specialist knowledge for a higher transparency and a better analysis of complicated connections of the Property – Capital Market
With the Help of our extensive database of the Property- Capital Market, socioeconomic and economical information and Capital Market dates are academically raised consecutively and are evaluated.
These serve as a dependable basis for deep analyses, trend statements and forecasts.

Heico Becker

Heico Becker

Entrepreneur from Frankfurt am Main, studied in the USA, Business Administration, since 1995 active as a broker with broker license in Spain, USA, Germany, Europe, also well known from the media, press and TV, for example: RTL, VOX (Goodbye Germany) and NTV - Deluxe, several times awarded and honored with various awards for outstanding service and with his many years of professional expertise and experience, he offers you a competent and reliable service.