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The properties are exclusive spaces with their very own identities.. which have been carefully designed and are available to the most exclusive of buyers, who require discerning customer service, discretion, professionalism and an excellent knowledge of the current market A refined selection of Homes and Elite Properties – in the best locations and with the best construction & architectural specifications – the differentiating attributes of each and every one of which makes them a sensory and emotional experience in their own right. Exclusive spaces that make them a truly distinctive investment. · we deal with the most exclusive City Properties, The best residential areas and the most distinguished neighbourhoods in the country’s top capital cities. · we have selected the most exclusive product close to the sea, or Inland Properties which really make them stand out from the rest, either thanks to their location, their surroundings or the leisure services that you can enjoy in your time off. · Finally, comprises classic style town houses, as well as estates and game reserves, wine cellars and emblematic properties that are steeped in history, are architecturally captivating and retain all of their original elegance. _______________________________________________
Worldwide our research teams observe activities in towns and cities,..... regions and countries in demographic and economic terms. Using our extensive database, we constantly record and analyse real estate market data, socio-economic data and economic and capital market information. This serves as a reliable basis for comprehensive analyses, trends and forecasts.